OUTENIQUA PALMS Kwekery / Nursery in George


 Here are a few photos as well as descriptions about our stock.

  •    6 Pack Seedlings: Pansy’s, Violas, Petunia’s, Marigold’s, Primula’s Dianthus, Stock’s and many more varieties of Groundcovers, Perrenials and annuals.
  •  We have many Pecan Trees in stock with affordable prices. They are already grafted.
  •  We have a big variety of citrus,peaches,figs,olive trees, apples,pomegranates,grapevines,apricots,pears and much more!

  • Available in stock Phone us for more information
  • We have recieved a huge scale of brand new stock on Friday December 6th,2019 all the way from Levubu, Limpopo province. Call or email us to find out more about our new stock that we have recieved. 20% discount will be given on Bamboo Palms, Cycas Revoluta, Daisyliirrion Wheeleri and Kenta Palms.

  • Tchotchkes available in stock
  •  We’ve got gardening Equipment, Landscaping Stones, pavers, and the best Compost!