OUTENIQUA PALMS Kwekery / Nursery in George

About Us

Outeniqua Palms Nursery is a well established and full fledged Nursery serving the entire Garden Route. We are your One Stop Nursery for all your gardening needs!

We specialize in supplying a wide variety of plants, palms, cacti, fynbos as well as indigenous trees and plants, fruit trees, schrubs and seedlings. We also offer our clients a wide variety of pots,pavers,stone, garden products and of the very best compost! And so much more!

The finest Biltong and Dry Wors in the Garden Route are being made and sold here. Don’t forget about our finest Chili Bites, Biltong Bites, Chili Dry Wors and Boerewors too. You are more than welcome to try a free sample. Once you have tried it, it will always be on your shopping list. You won’t regret it!