Plants in stock and available:



  •    6 Pack Seedlings: Pansy’s, Violas, Petunia’s, Marigold’s, Primula’s Dianthus, Stock’s and many more varieties of Groundcovers, Perrenials and annuals.
  •  Shrubs: Yesterday, Today+Tomorrow, Duranta’s, Potato Creeper, Gardenia’s,croton’s, and a wide range of Protea’s, Pin Cushions ect.
  •  Fruit Trees: Available from July 2014!! A Big variety of citrus, peaches, figs,olive tree’s, apples,pomegranate,grapevines,apricots,pears ect
  • Roses : Available from July 2014!! Rose groundcovers, standards, and climbers,floribunda roses.
  • Imported Pots : glazed pots,terra cotta and Ceremic Pots.
  •  Palm Tree’s: Indoor/ outdoor Palms, Kentia, Washingtonia, Livingstonia, Bamboo, Cocus Plumosa, Seaforthia, Bismarcia, Butia Capitata(Jelly Palm), Fishtail Palm ec
  •  Gardening Equipment, Landscaping Stones, pavers, and the best Compost!